Most of presented here miniature watercolor paintings have dimensions 25 mm x 25 mm (it's slighty smaller then 1" x 1").

Only few of them is 1mm brighter or higher.

All of them have been painted by me in years 2015-2017.


Making miniatures is a process. This takes a large portion of patience, but also

a lot of trials and many hours of making mistakes. Realization of each tiny

artwork takes a lot of tim - the final effect of work and experience

is a minkin masterpiece. Some exaples of it you may see here.

All of them have been painted with high quality watercolor paints with real pigments.


To enjoy your painting long time, the best is to pick proper place for the artwork. For watercolor you should avoid direct sunlight and water vapor, as they are water based paints.

I do also custom orders.

Please email me with your question

at or fill the form.


This is approximate price list:

Original Miniature Painting (1" x 1")

€ 59.00

Limited Edition Print

€ 15.00

Custom Miniature Painting (1" x 1")

€ 69.00

Each NEXT Custom Miniature Painting (1" x 1")

discount -5%

Choose quantity of custom paintings

>> Before purchasing <<


  1. Please contact me to pick proper size of your painting.

I will gladly advise you.

  1. Choose good reference photo.
  2. Don't worry if your photo isn't complite.

I will add missing details, if you only wish this.

  1. Please let me know, if you would like to receive

the painting with passing passe-partout.

I can prepare proper one for you.

  1. I can also frame the painting and send it to you

ready to be hanged.

  1. If you would like to send it as a gift for somebody,

i do also custom packaging and shipping.



Please email me with your question at


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