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Dear Fellow Beauty Seeker, In the flat on the last floor of some tenement house exists a tiny work studio. Between white walls, in the rays of the raising sun you can find here books filed with fantastic stories, bits of nature such as rocks or cones. Photographs, pictures. Bright watercolors, creamy acrylics and oils, as well as polymer sculptures and mascots. So many things have its own special place in such a small studio, but remember you are watched by my two little guardians: lacquerware elephant and marble badger. They accompany me in my work by observing each stroke of the brush or pencil. During the day, I listen birds singing between brunches of a huge chestnut swaying near by my window. There are also late evenings, when my little guardians whisper stories to my ear, but mostly they just sit quietly on the shelf over my desk.


I started to talk very late, later than my younger brother. However my mother says, as fast as turned 10 months and i was able to sit without any help, i started to draw. Before turning 12 months I was able to draw the cartoon characters, which I loved since the very beginning. When I was 4 I was very sick and have to stay in the hospital almost half of the year. I was so bored, all the people around me were way older then me. To escape from the illness I was drawing, until today I remember this cheap paper, bad quality pencil and ereaser, which I've used those days. Doctors gave them to me from their office supplies, because almost nothing was in shops during communism and my parrents couldn't buy me them. I was in love in drawing and painitng, and sculpting tiny figures until 12 birthday, then I broke my right hand and this made me stop to do art for almost 20 years.


Another illness, lyme disease, which was very difficult to me, reminded me about my very primeval passion. After few months of being sick, since the day I started to feel better, each day I create. I decided to not go back to my learned profession. Instead of this, when I was strong enough, I started also freelance work, which I continue until today.


imageSOWER is the tiny art space, dreamed of and worked toward for years, finally coming into fruition. I was looking for the proper name for it long, but my friend told me personal impression about my work: that I create images and tell stories through them. I was always dreaming, that I can bring something to people, as simple as farmer brings grain to make food and feed others. As sower, who throws seeds to the ground to increase their number before winter.


Each tiny artwork seeks to open emotions and to inspire and to tell the story of this place, where we have been, where we find ourselves. And about places, where we would love to be, without the time or space constraints, which we encounter on a daily.


Thank you for amuse with us.



Kasia Haldas

Kasia Haldas

artist (from passion) + architect (from education)

She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and M. Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design (Silesian Technical University). After gathering few years of successful professional carieer, she started kasia & company after moving to Germany. Since 2014 she is an independent freelance creator and she works for individual and corporate clients.

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